What to expect from our community:


The earliest Christians believed that Jesus was crucified and died on what is now called Good Friday. Then by the greatest of all miracles, he came back to life on the first Easter. In joyful celebration of Jesus' resurrection, they began a tradition of meeting each Sunday to worship him.


The earliest Christians met together each week as friends, joining in the prayers, Scripture and song, and sharing a holy meal together in the transcendent presence of God. We continue this tradition every Sunday at 10am.


We practice the tradition of The Book of Common Prayer, and so our worship services follow the same basic outline as most Christian churches since the earliest says of the faith. At the same time, we fill in the details of the service with the music and language of the present.


Each week we conclude our worship service with Holy Communion. It is a feast in the presence of the Lord Jesus and a means of grace for his disciples. We invite to the Lord's table all persons, including children, who have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and who are endeavoring to follow him through repentance and faith.


A nursery is offered for the duration of the service for crawlers through 36 months. Children three years old through first grade participate in worship until just before the sermon. We then pray for them and dismiss them to their own space to play, hear a lesson, and do a craft based on the same readings we’ve all just heard read together. They then return to their families for Communion. Those second grade and older participate fully in our worship service.