You are also welcome to make use of these ministries to young families and children:

  • A nursery is offered (but not required) for crawlers through 46 months from the beginning of the service till just before we receive Communion together.

  • Children four years old through fourth grade participate in worship until just before the sermon. We then pray for them and dismiss them to their own space to get the wiggles out, hear a lesson, and do a craft based on the same readings we’ve all just heard read together. They then return to their families for Communion.

  • Those fifth grade and older participate fully in our worship service.

Ever bought shoes a size too big for your child today knowing eventually they’ll grow into them?

That’s the same reason we want children to join in our worship as much as possible, even though it may be “too big” today.

They will grow into it bit by bit. Every day it will “fit” a little better.

So relax. Your children are welcome. We know they’ll wiggle and squawk so don’t be stressed by it. What Jesus does here promises to engage them.

While you’re engaging with your children, the rest of us will be rejoicing in Jesus’ words, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Luke 18:16).

As we go, encourage them to chime in on their parts: Amen. Lord have mercy. And with your spirit. I believe... Our Father…

Sing and say and pray your parts enthusiastically as you stand and kneel and sit. They’ll learn by following you.

All of this—every part—belongs to them too.

Your children are a gift to the Church, so we will do our best to welcome, smile, encourage, help and bless you all.

Welcome to Redeemer.