Virtuous Impudence

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray and says that those who pray should be like someone knocking at their friend’s door in the dead of night, not leaving until they have received what they ask.

Are we too easily discouraged in our prayers? Have had prayers unanswered for lack of asking?

Let us hear our Lord’s teaching and persist! Let us rouse our best, our heavenly friend, and stir him to bless us even in the dead nights our our souls.

And let us also persist in beseeching our Lord for the sake of our neighbors nearby and around the world. May we be like the impudent friend banging at the door of heaven, not leaving until we have our answer.

See you Sunday,



News & Announcements

  • Third Friday Bingo: Today July 19, 7-8:30 PM at the Light House Homeless Prevention Center in Annapolis. Come along or donate (select Local Mission from the drop down). Email ian@redeemerannapolis.org for more information.

  • Chapel at the Lutheran Mission: A spiritual community for those who serve or receive help from the Lutheran Mission. Every Wednesday at 10am. ian@redeemerannapolis.org. 

  • Evensong: A reverent service of Evening Prayer every Thursday at 7 PM. 1996 Generals Hwy, Annapolis. Email ian@redeemerannapolis.org.

  • Food Bank: Annapolis SDA hosts a community food bank every third Saturday, and we can help. Non- perishable foods of all kinds are needed. You can leave your contributions in the “Food Bank” tub in the lobby. 

  • Redeemer Vestry: August 11, 12:30-2:30 PM.

  • Second Sunday Sandwiches: Moved to August 18, after worship.