Settling In

We’ve been at 1996 Generals Hwy for just two weeks, and it’s already feeling a little like home. Here are a few things you ought to be aware of:

  • Parking. There are upper and lower parking lots.

    • If you find a space in the upper lot, great! Enter through the main doors on the patio. Coffee’s right there, the nursery (through 3-years-old) is the first door on the right, the Sanctuary’s the second.

    • If you park in the lower lot, walk toward the main driveway and ascend the steps on the left. The glass door at the top of the stairs will put you in the main hallway. The Sanctuary’s straight ahead.

  • Seating. You may have noticed that space in the Sanctuary can get tight. In deference to visitors (and we’ve had a lot last Sunday simply because she saw the signs at the driveway entrance and thought, “Anglicans? With wavy flag signs? What the heck, I’ll give it a try”. Seriously), please consider arriving a bit early, sitting toward the front and filling up rows as much as possible. This will help ensure that any later arriving visitors don’t have to do a perp walk church equivalent.

  • Serving. It takes 14 volunteers to make Sundays happen.

    •  We’re in real need of volunteers to help make this space our own each week. Setup/Teardown arrives at 8:45 AM and requires a little lifting and some stairs; Sacristan (the person who sets The Lord’s Table) arrives at 9:15; and our Coffee Ambassador arrives at 9:15. All three of these positions have a little work after worship as well.

    • We also need Children’s Leaders, Greeters, Readers, Prayer Leaders, and Musicians.

    •  If you can serve in any of these areas one time a month or so, please let Ian Burgess know.

  • 5th Sunday Potluck postponed. With all the changes recently and us still settling in, the Fifth Sunday Potluck scheduled for this Sunday has been postponed till August, even though it doesn’t have a fifth Sunday. Semper Gumby (Latin for, “always flexible”).

  • Food Pantry. Annapolis SDA hosts a food pantry the third Saturday of every month. Let’s help them with this. Bring any non-perishable food items and leave them in the bin in the lobby.

  • New Mailing Address: 209 West Street, Suite 201, Annapolis, MD 21401

See you Sunday.



News & Announcements

  • Luke for Everyone: Continues through June 30, then picks up again in September, 8:45-9:45AM Sundays.

  • Chapel at the Lutheran Mission: A spiritual community for those who serve or receive help from the Lutheran Mission. Every Wednesday at 10am.

  • Second Sunday Sandwiches: July 14 following worship.

  • Redeemer Vestry: Sunday, July 14, 12:30-2:30 PM.

  • Food Bank: Annapolis SDA hosts a community food bank every third Saturday, and we can help. Non- perishable foods of all kinds are needed. You can leave your contributions in the “Food Bank” tub in the lobby.

  • Recycling: If you’re not taking your bulletin home with you, please deposit it in the recycling bin when leaving the Sanctuary.