Pick It Up and Follow

Have you ever paid to use Google? Or Facebook? How about access the wifi at your favorite coffee shop? Our lives are full of services we use for which we pay nothing. On other hand you probably paid for the device upon which you are reading this email. Our lives are full of things we have paid for.

We are used to paying for goods, and we are used to services which ask nothing of us (except access to our personal data so they can sell that information to advertisers!).

The Gospel we Christians proclaim is the free gift of God’s reconciling welcome to all people.

The Gospel we Christians proclaim is the bearing of our crosses in the footsteps of Jesus.

Well, which is it?

Is it a free gift, or is it a costly journey?

Let’s find out together as we explore the Scriptures for this Sunday.



News & Announcements

  • Appalachia Service Project—Please pray for our team in Johnson City, TN this week: Doug Gillikin, Barnabas Holleran, Ian Burgess, Dan Worth, Temple Worth, Hannah Worth, Cordelia Worth, Lauren Wishart, Steve Wishart.

  • Luke for Everyone: Continues through June 30, then picks up again in September, 8:45-9:45AM Sundays.

  • Chapel at the Lutheran Mission: A spiritual community for those who serve or receive help from the Lutheran Mission. Every Wednesday at 10am. ian@redeemerannapolis.org.

  • Fifth Sunday Potluck: Next Sunday, June 30.

  • Second Sunday Sandwiches: July 14 following worship.

  • Redeemer Vestry: Sunday, July 14, 12:30-2:30 PM.

  • Food Bank: Annapolis SDA hosts a community food bank every third Saturday, and we can help. Non- perishable foods of all kinds are needed. You can leave your contributions in the “Food Bank” tub in the lobby.

  • Recycling: If you’re not taking your bulletin home with you, please deposit it in the recycling bin when leaving the Sanctuary.