Bishop Julian joins us this Sunday for Confirmations!

At its most basic, Confirmation refers to the rite in which, after a believer has been baptized, they make a mature commitment to the faith, and receive an increased gifting of the Holy Spirit through the bishop’s prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing.

The ACNA Catechism puts it beautifully. When asked, “What grace does God give you in confirmation?” the response is, “In confirmation, God strengthens the work of the Holy Spirit in me for his daily increase in my Christian life and ministry.”

After worship, we’ll share some refreshment, then spend some time getting to know +Julian better in a brief presentation and some Q&A. We’ll have something special for children during this time as well. We plan to finish by 12:30.

It’s a day to celebrate.

See you Sunday.



News & Announcements

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