Second Sunday Sandwiches

This Sunday we will again make 100 lunches to be distributed by Light House Homelessness Prevention Center. This is a great event to invite friends, and you should let them know that we start at 11:30am. 


Crumbs Under the Table

The Prayer of Humble Access comes, in part, from an intriguing conversation recorded in this week’s Gospel reading... “We are not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under your table...”

It’s thought to be a somewhat playful—though on the surface very insulting—conversation in which a desperate Syrophoenician woman responds to Jesus’ comment to her with wit and charm. And Jesus, whose character is always to have mercy, honors her request.

Despite the outcome, this story is a sharp reminder to us that Jesus wasn’t simply called to go around being helpful to everyone. He had specific (and controversial) things to do and a limited time to do them.

See you Sunday.



New & Upcoming

Thursday Evensong: 6:30pm at 126a Main Street (Above Kilwin's Ice Cream). Email Ian.

Vestry Meeting: This Sunday at 12:30pm

Fifth Sunday Potlucks: September 30.

Second Sunday Sandwiches: September 9, October 14

Cards and Bags for Second Sunday Sandwiches

Children from 4th-6th grade are invited to help prepare for Second Sunday Sandwiches by making greetings cards and decorating the lunch bags during the Sermon.