Second Sunday Sandwiches

I am so grateful for the way we have eagerly and passionately taken up the call to serve our neighbors by preparing lunches each month. We are getting pretty good at it too! Join us for another Second Sunday Sandwiches this week. Friends are always welcome to come by and help and you can let them know by sharing the event on Facebook.



Tired of Understanding

I met an old friend for coffee last week, and he said something that saddened me. Mind you, this guy’s a veteran seminary professor, and the Executive Vice President of one of the largest Evangelical ministries in the US, if not the world.

“I’m just so tired,” he said, “of having to understand and explain everything. There’s no mystery left in my faith.”

This is true of much of the modern church, but it hasn’t always been so. The command of Jesus, after all, was “take and eat,” not “take and understand.”

See you Sunday.



New & Upcoming

Thursday Evensong: 6:30pm at 126a Main Street (Above Kilwin's Ice Cream). Email Ian.

Vestry Meeting: 12:30pm August 12.

Fifth Sunday Potlucks: September 30.

Second Sunday Sandwiches: THIS SUNDAY August 12, September 9, October 14.

Ian's Licensing Service: THIS SUNDAY August 12. Bishop Julian will license Ian to Lay Eucharistic Ministry in the Diocese of CANA East.