Thank You, Internet

Thanks to the internet, there’s a robust debate (still!) about exactly what Jeff Bridges’ character, “The Dude” meant in the 1998 Cohen Brothers indy cult film, The Big Lebowski, when he told Sam Elliot, “The Dude abides, Stranger, the Dude abides.” Seems there’s a lot of opinion (and confusion) about exactly what it means “to abide”.

The verb, “to abide”—which is used four times in this week’s Gospel reading—comes from a rich and variegated Greek word that describes not just an action, but equally, a state of being. It’s inexact, but inclusive.

In other words, it’s an intense and demanding thing truly to abide.

And speaking of the internet...Redeemer has recently partnered with to offer a simple and convenient app-based option for giving. Check it out. It’s great on IOS and Android devices, as well as your Mac or PC.

Thanks again, internet.

See you Sunday.



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