The Mission of Ritual, or the other way around…

Christians have always sought to find appropriate and helpful ways to organize themselves and their worship. We seek to hear God’s voice from Scripture and share the spiritual food offered from his Table. In our worship patterns we also memorize prayers, postures, and we learn to bear with one another such that we might become always more of what God would have us be.

So when it comes to joining in with God’s saving plan in the world (what we call mission), what do our Sunday Mornings have to teach us?

At Redeemer we will begin a new ritual this Sunday. Second Sunday Sandwiches. Just as our worship together seeks to be multi-generational, embedded in the Scriptures, and designed to habituate us into new ways of thinking and acting; so too will our time once per month making sandwiches which will be distributed by the Light House, a center who support the homeless.

Please plan to stay for an extra hour after our service is finished. We will make the lunches and then we shall sit and eat together the very same meal we will be giving away to those who are in need. 

I don’t know what might be stirred in us by this consistent and committed form of service to our neighbors, but I am confident that both we and our neighbors will be blessed and drawn closer to what God would have us be.

See you Sunday.


New & Upcoming

Vestry Meeting June 10, 12:30pm

Fifth Sunday Potlucks July 29; September 30.

Second Sunday Sandwiches June 10, July 8, August 12.

We have partnered with the Light House homeless prevention support center to help provide the 100 free meals per day they distribute from their facility in Annapolis. Email Ian with any questions or to volunteer.

Weeknight Vespers (Evening Prayer with Bible Study)