A Cart Full of Grain...and a Potluck

Times and technologies have always shaped the way people give.

It would have been difficult (and messy) for example, to “pass the plate” in ancient Israel if your tithe were a cart full of grain, or several gallons of olive oil.

But then came coins...then paper money...then personal checks. When I was a kid, you couldn’t imagine tithing with a credit card (very few people even had one), much less online. Online was where you stood, and the “innernet” was the mesh lining of your swim trunks.

Today though, a rapidly growing number of people are giving from their smart phones, and I’d like you to consider joining them...and me.

Redeemer has recently partnered with Tithe.ly, an app-based service that specializes in local church giving. They use the same encryption technology as your bank, Amazon, and PayPal, and over 4,200 churches and organizations worldwide such as Hillsong, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, and The Salvation Army have partnered with them, too.

With Tithe.ly you can give directly from your bank account, through your bank’s online giving service, or by using your debit or credit card. And it’s easy to set up recurring gifts.

One of the most, perhaps the most significant spiritual habit one can develop is that of regular sacrificial giving, because it flows so abundantly into the rest of life and frees us so profoundly from the tyranny of money. It’s so important that it’s the only thing in Scripture God challenges us to test him in. And yes, I know prepositions are bad things to end sentences with. Wink.

Lauren and I are giving with Tithe.ly and we’d rate it five stars. Please, check out Redeemer’s Giving Page and join us.

Oh, and while you’re online anyway, sign up for Sunday’s 5th Sunday Potluck. We want you there!

See you Sunday,


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Remember to pray for Andrea, Kelly, Cathy, Melissa, and Lauren who were Confirmed this past Sunday. See more photos  here .

Remember to pray for Andrea, Kelly, Cathy, Melissa, and Lauren who were Confirmed this past Sunday. See more photos here.