The Way It Ought to Be...

One of the things I like best about The Anglican Way is that we’re not out there on our own. We’re a community in a Communion. And we have Shepherds. I can make a good argument that in the Body of Christ, this is exactly the way it ought to be.

One of those Shepherds, Bishop David Bena, will be leading our worship and Confirming some of those among us this Sunday, April 22.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to meet him Sunday at “Bagels with the Bishop” at 9. It’ll include both bagels and a Bishop, which you may have already assumed.

One other thing...we’ll be singing a different setting of “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” Sunday. The original one. It’s beautiful, and you can see the music and listen to it here (I really think you’ll be glad you did). We won’t be singing all the parts...just the melody, but I’d love for you to be familiar with it.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Every blessing,


New & Upcoming

Bagels with the Bishop: April 22 at 8:45am. See more.

Fifth Sunday Potlucks April 29; July 29; September 30.

Weeknight Vespers (Evening Prayer with Bible Study)

  • Wednesdays, 7pm at the Wisharts. Email Steve.
  • Thursday's 6:30pm at Downtown Hope. Email Ian


Two new roles - Apply here.

Hospitality Coordinator: Ensure our coffee station is set up, stocked, presentable in time for Sunday worship. Clean up and put away the station after coffee time.

Sacristan: Care for the Lord's Table, linens, items, and vessels used in our Worship. Ensure the Table is appropriately and reverently set in time for Sunday worship, and put away all linens and items after our service is concluded.