In a culture that seems to be growing increasingly ideological, “both/and” is something you’re hearing less and less. We’re increasingly attuned to “either/or”: Democrat or Republican. Environment or Economy. Conservative or Progressive. Paper or Plastic (I know, this last one’s not truly ideological, but I really prefer paper even though I feel guilty about it).

The Church, because it’s full of human beings, isn’t immune from an either/or way of seeing things in its orientation to worship. It’s often expressed as Word or Sacrament.

But Jesus, on the evening of the first day of the week in Emmaus practices both/and. In fact, it’s how he’s known.

See you Sunday.
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Hospitality Coordinator: Ensure our coffee station is set up, stocked, presentable in time for Sunday worship. Clean up and put away the station after coffee time.

Sacristan: Care for the Lord's Table, linens, items, and vessels used in our Worship. Ensure the Table is appropriately and reverently set in time for Sunday worship, and put away all linens and items after our service is concluded.