Preparing the Way

There were few paved roads in the ancient Near East. Regular people travelled on little more than worn paths in the baked earth. There were no significant bridges or tunnels. You walked around rocks, over hills, and around gullies.

But not the king. When he planned a visit, the first to show up were heralds and engineers to prepare the way. To make crooked places straight and rough places smooth, to fill “valleys” and level “hills”.

 Tearing down and building up to create a “King’s Highway”.

 This is the image John the Baptist uses when he tells those in his day—and us by extension—to “prepare the way of the Lord” as we do in Advent.

 It’s also a pattern embedded in the Scriptures and in the Gospel itself.

 See you Sunday.



New & Upcoming

  • Wednesday Evening Prayer: An informal spoken service with discussion. Beginning September 26, 7:00PM. 32 Munroe Court, Annapolis.

  • Thursday Evensong: Includes sung Psalms, a hymn, and Bible study. 126a Main Street (above Kilwins) at 6:30pm.

  • Second Sunday Sandwiches: December 9. 100 Lunches for Winter Relief guests.

  • Christmas Eve, 5:00 PM: We will gather at The Studio for Lessons and Carols to read and sing the Scriptures. Afterward, we’ll enjoy some laughter and refreshment together. Please bring your favorite hors d’oeuvre and bottle of wine or other drink to share.

  • Christmas Day: We will gather for Holy Communion at 10:00 AM.