By Faith

Yesterday was the feast of All Saints which we will observe Sunday.

Why do we do this? To keep before us as examples—with thanksgiving—those who have walked ahead of us exceptionally by faith. It’s something Christians have always done, as it was in Hebrews 11.

We’ll mark the occasion with a beautiful Litany*, and we’ll sing a stirring hymn that will be new to many called “By Faith” by Keith and Kristyn Getty. It will add richness to our singing if you’re familiar with is beforehand. You can listen to it here.

*a series of petitions for use in Christian worship recited by a leader and responded to in a recurring formula by The People.


Falling Back

Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night.


Paying Attention

Things we hear all the time—even important things—can become so familiar we stop really paying attention. Think about the last time you were absorbed in what the flight attendant said just before takeoff.

There’s a vital part of Christian liturgy—28 words so important that Jesus said every other word in the Bible hangs from them—the church has repeated week after week almost without exception. Year after year. Decade after decade. For millennia.

Cue the Charlie Brown adult sound.

This week, though, we’re gonna pay attention.

See you Sunday.



New & Upcoming

  • Wednesday Evening Prayer: An informal spoken service with discussion. Beginning September 26, 7:00PM. 32 Munroe Court, Annapolis.

  • Thursday Evensong: Includes sung Psalms, a hymn, and Bible study. 126a Main Street (above Kilwins) at 6:30pm.

  • Second Sunday Sandwiches: November 11.

  • Annual Church Meeting: December 2.

  • Sanctuary Flowers: Advent-Christmas. We are exploring ways to make our worship more beautiful with flowers for Advent and Christmas and then using the flowers which make our worship beautiful a gift to a neighbor who may need the encouragement. Email Ian to find out more.

  • Daytime Volunteering: For those who are available during office hours there are some great ways to serve together with the Light House on a consistent basis. Email Ian to get involved.