We have a dream at Redeemer: “To promote and proclaim the Gospel; giving ever more time, talent, and treasure to seeking the flourishing of our neighbors.” This means that we’re constantly working to extend the reach of the Good News in every part of life. It’s a big dream that flows from Jeremiah 29:7 and its slow work, but if you’re going to dream big you have to think long.

Perhaps you can help us make this dream a reality.

There is, however, something you ought to know about us first...

A Worshipping Community

Redeemer, as an Anglican congregation, is a worshipping community before it is anything else.

The heart of our congregation is found in gathering to worship in Word and Sacrament on the day of the Lord’s resurrection, and in the continuing tradition of worship that connects us with millennia of those who have gone before.

Vision, discipleship, and relationship flow from worship and reflect worship. In the life of a Christian, nothing is more important, renewing, humbling, and inspiring than the Church’s public worship.

Pursuing our dream begins by acknowledging and praising the God whom we worship, receiving from the Christ that we proclaim, and receiving the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit as we go out from worship into our families, our vocations, and all the other things that comprise our lives Monday through Saturday.

This is Worship

But it’s not limited just to what we do on Sunday mornings.

Work, worship, service, ministry and the arts all have one thing in common.

God sees all five as threads in a seamless fabric labeled avodah. They were all created on the same loom, not cut from different bolts of cloth. Throughout much of the Old Testament, this one word—avodah—is translated as work, worship, service, ministry, and the arts.

"Integrating" worship with the rest of our lives assumes they’re cut from different bolts of cloth. "Integral" on the other hand comes from a Hebrew word meaning to see all of life as part of a seamless fabric.

It pretty much changes everything.